About me

If the images in my portfolio make your heart race a little faster then we are probably on the same wavelength. It's about fulfilling your aspirations, hopes and dreams to the best of my ability. As a trans ally, my focus is on bringing out the best in the people who choose to pose in front of my camera. I know a photoshoot can seem daunting at first, but I believe in taking things slowly... working with you to find out what works and doesn't work for you. For me it's all about understanding you as a person and showing you in the best light. Together, we'll capture a series of meaningful images showcasing where you are on your journey. (Oh, did I mention it'll be fun as well).
The launch of Transfigured Photoshoots brings together my love and respect of the trans community with my ability to provide a safe and unhurried photoshoot experience.

Why choose me? Good question! There are many fantastic photographers out there. I encourage you to have a look around and make the right choice for you. If you'd like to discuss in more detail please check my contact page, no obligation!

Sean :-)

Photoshoot Styles

You have complete control over the type of photoshoot you choose.  I'm happy to photograph indoor, outdoor, fashion, everyday wear, boudoir, burlesque, costume... even to recreating the look & feel of old black & white movie star pictures. If you want to mix and match, no problem. We can discuss and agree the best approach before the photoshoot.

My philosophy

Everyone deserves the opportunity to feel beautiful.  A photoshoot enables you to express yourself and develop your personal image. The end result can be a very powerful affirmation of who you are. With a gentle guidance you may often see perspectives of yourself that you've never seen before.

In many cases, it may represent a milestone on your journey.  It can be a decision to move forward in life, or to confirm your gender identity, or simply an opportunity to feel feminine for a few hours. Irrespective of whether it's triggered by a significant event, or is simply the desire to update your personal images, you are making a statement - 'This is me, this is my story, this is who I love to be'.

My goal is to help you celebrate YOU! To make you feel special and empowered. It's about learning to love yourself. It doesn't matter whether the images are just for you or you plan to share them via social media. The choice is ultimately yours.