Recent Reviews

"I sent Sean to a random location I'd found, to meet the owner of a vintage vehicle he'd never met and ask for it to be moved to another location, while I had my hair and makeup done elsewhere.  When I swanned in, the vehicle was perfectly placed and Sean was polishing the windscreen ready for photos. That's Sean - he gets it! It was lovely to find someone so easy to work with, quietly confident, calmly providing instructions to get the best result. I had a fun day, the photos look fabulous and I'm now planning the next one. Where shall I send you this time Sean...?

"I loved my photoshoot with Sean. As well as being a very talented photographer, he is relaxed and friendly. His wonderfully calm approach built my confidence and put me totally at ease. The atmosphere he creates feels very natural, and I was delighted that he saw and was able to draw out a part of me that I yearn to express but rarely get the opportunity. I absolutely love the pictures that Sean has provided me with. The whole experience has given me a big lift, and I really hope to do it all again!"

"I cannot recommend Sean highly enough - I've been luck enough to have had two photoshoots with him and both have been wonderful experiences. He is a lovely 
patient man who made me feel confident and helped bring out an aspect of me that I didn't even know existed. I felt empowered, pampered, wonderfully feminine and rather special! The results speak for themselves and I now have a portfolio of pictures that I am very proud of and have already proved extremely beneficial. I very much hope to work with Sean again and, as I say above, can highly recommend him."

"Sean is an absolute delight.  After a few normal poses, Sean’s imagination and talent then created wonderful pictures I will treasure for years to come.  I felt completely comfortable and relaxed throughout the photoshoot as Sean has a magical calmness about him.  Looking forward to another photoshoot with Sean.”

"Sean is a fantastically professional photographer and a lovely person too, enabling you to relax and get the best results.  He is also willing to help with creativity in poses, which always helps as we can get stuck making the same looks without alternative input. Overall a lovely experience, great results and hoping to do another one again when Sean can fit me in."


"Sean totally respects and understands trans people. He makes you feel special and feminine, and definitely very comfortable.  It's like posing for a friend, I became more confident and that shows in the final result.