Planning your photoshoot with me

Your photoshoot should be fun and fulfilling. No matter how you choose to identify - transgender, gender fluid, non-binary or cross-dresser, I want you to be able to look back at your images and feel it's capture the real you at that moment. Images that you'll feel proud to share with those who respect you as  human being.  It's worth taking a little time to plan and prepare for your big day. I recommend you think about the following...
  • Outfits - Pick two or three that really make your heart sing or your pulse quicken.
  • Makeup - Will you do your own make-up or prefer to hire a make-up artist? If the latter, please take a look at my Useful Links page.
  • Time - Is there a good time of the week for you? It's better if you don't feel pressured or subject to interruptions.
  • Place - Home, hotel, airb'n'b, countryside, city, or photo studio? Think about your personal comfort zone and what you wnat to achieve.
  • Indoors and/or outdoors?  Would you prefer the privacy of an indoor location or the excitement of an outdoor location?
  • Portrayal - Is your goal to go for an everyday look, a fashion style icon, a touch of glamour or something a little more edgy?
  • Posing - I've put together a helpful set of posing ideas on Pinterest -
  • Props - It is amazing how much a few props can add to a perfect photograph. Think about items such as sunglasses, jewellery, gloves, a clutch bag or handbag, lipstick, hats, umbrellas, balloons, headbands, angel wings, chains, ropes, ribbons, ornate eye masks etc.
  • Packing up - Think about how much time you will need at the end of the photo shoot to return to normality. Make sure you factor this in to your planned booking.
Please contact me to discuss possible dates.

How it works

You choose the location and I provide the photographic skills. I will bring my mobile studio equipment to your home, hotel or other venue.

For indoor photoshoots I use professional lighting and backdrops. For outdoor photoshoots we can make use of natural light and local scenery. I'll take as many photos as you like, and let you see the results throughout the photoshoot.

You should allow between 2 and 3 hours, including equipment set up, time for costume changes and make-up refresh, and packing away of all my kit at the end of the session.

If you require professional makeover services you may either source your own or I may be able to recommend a provider.


Within two weeks of your photo shoot, I will select the best photos and use my retouching skills to cast you in the best light. I may ask you to review a couple before I edit the rest. This is to get your feedback and make sure you are happy with the result.

Once edited, I will set up a secure password-protected gallery for you.  I can also resize them for use on websites.

I aim to provide you with a minimum of 25 fully retouched images that you’ll love, maybe more.

All images will provided as jpgs. As standard, I provide 1500px long edge images suitable for most online uses. On request, I can also provide you with full-size high-resolution versions suitable for printing and/or small 500px profile pictures.

Your privacy

Respecting your privacy is important to me. Any email address or phone number you share with me will only be used for contacting you about the photo shoot.

Once edited and supplied to you, you have a perpetual licence to use them as you wish. I will not to publish them anywhere unless I have your written permission.

You may, if you wish, choose to let me use a few of your photos to promote my photography services on websites that are acceptable to you. Again, this would be agreed between us in writing.

Depending on your preference, I can either delete the originals or securely archive them in case you need copies in the future.

Options - How can I help?

Photo studio hire

Depending on where you live, it is often possible to hire a studio. Prices vary dramatically so you may want to do your own research. Alternatively, many hotels permit the use of a room for daytime or evening photoshoots. This can be cost-effective if you are also planning an overnight stay. However, you need to consider whether the space available in the room is suitable for full-length photographs. There are also self-catering apartments around the country that offer a wider range of rooms to act as backgrounds. These are often the same price as a hotel room but have more space.  If you have something more specific in mind for a themed photoshoot I'd be happy to discuss.

Makeover / make-up artists

You are welcome to use your preferred make-up artist or take a look at the suggestions on my Useful Links page.  Any costs are between you and your preferred make-up artist.  Alternatively, you may prefer to do your own make-up or ask a friend to help.